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Hello Lois
Your father stated that if a film HAD to be made of his life, he'd have wanted Dick Van Dyke to play him.
Who would you choose from today's actors to play your father in a film? Also, which actress would you want to play you?!
With my very best wishes to you and your family.
Dave Lovering (UK)

Lois says in response, "I do not follow today's actors."

Did your father ever say what job he would have liked to do if he hadn't become a comedian /actor? Although very glad he did giving us many hours of great entertainment.
Jill Fenney (Shrewsbury Shropshire England UK)

Lois responds, "He would have liked to operate a stationary store."

Dear Mrs Laurel,
My children, Angad and Daras, are 7 and 9 years old. I am proud to have introduced then to two wonderful people - your father Stan, and your uncle Babe (Hardy).
Thank you for letting us - in a sense - be a part of your family.
Daras and Angad, are *obsessed* with Laurel and Hardy, and often say that 'the boys' are their friends.
Many years ago, I paid a visit to Ulverston, but didn't go to the house where your father was born. Who owns that house now? Also, could you share some recollections of your mother? How did she react to the on-screen antics of your father?
Thank you very much for your time.
We all love you and Stan and Ollie.
Kirat Singh (Canada)
Dear Kirat,

Lois answers, "My mother thought he was brilliant. She often sat in on the dailies, as being an actress herself, the movie business interested her. Bob Davis (from the transportation department) would come get me at home in the morning and bring me to the studio. My dad left the house too early for me to go with him. Then my mother would come by later, have lunch, see the dailies, then take me home."


Dear Lois,
I have the uppermost appreciation for your dad's talent. He was indeed a gifted man. My question for you is, during the filming of "Blotto" do you know what made your dad laugh so hard at the table he shared with Oliver? I have often wondered if someone on the set reminded him of a particular funny incident or a joke that existed between your dad and Oliver. Your dad seemingly was extra tickled over something in order to make that scene so special. I never cease to laugh whenever I see your dad laughing to hard. That scene alone made "Blotto" one of my favorites.
Thank you and God bless you.
Randy (USA)

Lois wonders if this is Randy Skretvedt asking, and says, "I am sorry, but I couldn't tell you. We never discussed this, and I was too young to know what was going on in BLOTTO."

Dear Lois,
my wife is from Walney Isaland in Cumbria just down the road from Ulverston, (your father's birthplace), I wondered if you have ever visited Ulverston, and what you thought of the place?

Alan (Londin, England)

Lois says the experience "was overwhelming. To get off that train in Ulverston, and realize where I was, it was overwhelming. I went and visited the house where my father was born, and I went into the very bedroom. I couldn't believe I was there and will never forget it."

Good morning, Mrs. Lois
My name is Eva I am 35 years old, from a young age I always loved Laurel and Hardy, always love them as if they were my uncles.
It 's true that Charles Chaplin has wronged your father? How were the relations between the two?
thank you very much
Eva (Chioggia of Venice)

"Oh, no, that was not true. They had a special friendship. You have to understand Chaplin was an odd person, he came from poverty and a mentally unstable mother. My dad and Chaplin were close, but not close. They didn't see much of each other, but whenever they were together, time stood still as though they were long lost brothers. I saw them together plenty of times, so I know this from personal experience. My dad idolized Chaplin above all others. Chaplin was self-centered though, and it might explain why he doesn't say anything about my father in his book. That was always a wonderment of mine."

Hi Lois hope all is well! My question for you is when you would be at the Hal Roach Studios with your dad and Uncle Babe did you ever make friends with any if the Our Gang Kids and if so who do you remember most
I thank you for your time your dad was an extraordinary man and I truly thank him Mr. Hardy for everything they have done and I thank you for sharing all of your memories

My highest regards
Sal P (New York City)

Lois answers,
"Oh yes, I did play with the Our Gang kids, and Darla Hood was a close friend, and Dorothy DeBorba became a lifelong dear friend."


Dear LOIS:
I must tell you, that I have been a Ardent, Devout and Hard-Core admirer and fan ever since I was 8. . .I was 11 when President Kennedy was assassinated--so that totally dates me; I inherited my deep Love of your Dear gifted, brilliant Father and Uncle Babe from my Mom and Grandmother. They both Loved " The Boys " so much!
I tell friends that if I could go back in time--of the late 20's-50's, and be able to meet only 4 famous celebrities, they would be first and foremost: your Father and Uncle Babe, then Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce!
Anyway, my query. . .one, did your Dad and Uncle Babe ever wish they could have always maintain creative control over all of their movies, also have the oportunity to film their masterpieces in color; were there any specific projects they wanted to put on film that never materialized? One last question. . .I also was a fan of yyyone of their favorite actresses which I understand your Dad especially liked to work with: Thelma Todd! She, I strongly feel was murdered; did your Father and Uncle Babe feel the same way, did either of them ever say how they felt about her tragic demise?
It's so very sad what happened. . .she should never have gotten involved with Luciano, she truly was such a gifted actress!
Thank you so very much Lois, for taking time out of your busy life to read and hopefully respond to. GOD BLESS you I pray, take care; our loss of your Father and Uncle Babe is most definitely GOD'S gain! ! !

Robert Wallace (Oregon)

Lois answers, "Well, people often want to speculate on what happened to Thelma Todd. I am not sure what I thought at the time. I think my dad thought it was awful, and shocking, I remember that. He was really shook up when it happened. But you mentioned Lucky Luciano, and I do not believe he knew her or had anything to do with her death. It was either an accident, or Roland West did it."








Ask Lois by Richard W. Bann